Pratham Overview

The first is always special. The first word, first win, first salary... and one's first home. Yet most people have to compromise when it comes to buying their first home. Soaring prices, inconvenient project delays and inferior quality mean that the first home that one always dreamt of is nothing more than a four wall structure.

The team at Primary Housing Corporation knows the true meaning of ‘home’. That's why we created Pratham. It's more than just a building. Founded on the pillars of detailing, optimisation, quality and efficiency. we build homes that are affordable, comfortable and livable.

  • 3 acre, 12 buildings, 216 flats
  • 1.5 acre open land & amenities
  • Only 2 flats per floor
  • Unique garden flats
  • Excellent specs
  • Pedestrian friendly campus
  • Excellent elevations
  • Daily 60 buses to Pune
  • Project completion by June 2017

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